Welcome to the web site of Japan Standard Tephra Sample for Tephra Researchers.

This web site is a database of tephra samples donated from Emeritus Professor Hiroshi Machida to Department of Geography, Tokyo Metropolitan University in 1996. The samples were mainly collected in and around the Japanese Islands, and are 382 widespread tephras (covering more than half area of the Japanese Islands) and 318 local Quaternary tephras. The purpose of this database is to provide standard tephra sample(s) for the scientific activity of domestic and overseas tephra researchers. We hope that this web site makes it easier to get standard sample(s) you want to have.

List of Tephra Samples

How to obtain tephra sample(s) listed in this home page.

If you would like to have tephra sample(s), please contact directly below.

Dr. Takehiko Suzuki
e-mail: suzukit★tmu.ac.jp (Replace ★with @.)
Department of Geography,
Tokyo Metropolitan University,
1-1 Minami-osawa, Hachioji, Tokyo, 192-0397 JAPAN